About Us

A mix of experts in the areas of marketing solutions, business development, administrative and legal advice, and market studies.

Our message

Utilizing our passion for the challenge to make marketing solutions possible, and devise methods, plans and content suited to entrepreneurs

our vision

We enjoy challenging and softening difficulties, and we strive to inspire others to do so.

Our Goals

Providing solutions that are closely related to marketing objectives

• Achieving the highest degree of understanding and assimilation of the client's desires and transforming them into a tangible reality, taking full account of his time and effort.

• Establishing and developing marketing teams in commercial and service companies to ensure achieving the best possible returns

• Work to increase public awareness of the importance of marketing services to customers.

• Providing high quality marketing services and creative solutions that help increase productivity and reduce costs.

• Working to provide effective marketing advice that focuses in essence on the goals and capabilities of the client.

• Helping entrepreneurs to develop their capabilities in project management.

• Providing administrative, financial and legal consultancy and studies for companies and investors.

Our House

Opal for specialized training

Specialized training room in the fields of marketing and entrepreneurship

Opal Cultural Salon

A platform that illuminates and enhances general culture through knowledge and various sciences

Opal Mall

An unlimited market of products that makes the products reach you not reach them

opal group

Opal's family home, here we welcome our guests and make them part of the family

Opal Fashion

Wander here and don't be afraid of the place.. we give you the opportunity to buy the latest clothes

Opal Center

A consulting center for business development and management consultancy. Here we make solutions easier

Get what you can...when you can
02/02/2020 – 02 pm
A wonderful experience awaits you for the first time in Libya
Launching the products of Sama Nour Company
With full quality specifications from the Moroccan Association of Argan Oil Products
at 2 o'clock
Prepare to be at the forefront
The official marketing sponsor for Sama Nour products
Opal Marketing Solutions and Business Development Company

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the address

Tripoli. Al Nasr Street, Al Wahda Club Building. 3rd floor office 15





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